Sa. Jul 13th, 2024


A robust security infrastructure protects your company’s network and information assets. It also helps your business grow, not just survive. Security enhances your company’s reputation and allows you to create more profitable business value from your IT infrastructure.
We can:
Help you to identify and understand the threats and vulnerabilities to which your information assets are exposed.
Desig policies, standards and procedures to reduce or avoid the identified risks.
Help you to deploy security technologies to meet your stated security goals, policies, standards & guidelines.
Provide expert advice on advanced security topics based on proven approach and methodology.
Our Service includes:
Security Audits
Security Concepts
IP-VPN Design and Design Review
Remote-Access Concepts
Firewall and DMZ Concepts
Intrusion Detection Systems
Wireless Architecture and Security
Selection and Selection Support for Security Systems
Evaluation of New Security Products and Technologies